#Law & Order
Kennet District
United Kingdom

Finally, after many years of ‘sport bikes’ using the public highways in the Kennet district achieving the highest speeds possible without fear of prosecution, the rate paying residents now demand action to be taken.

This dangerous ‘game’ threatens the safety of local people, their children and animals - specifically horses that are bred and exercised here.

The already anti-social situation is made worse by the attitude and threats made against the residents of Avebury who complain of the noise and speeds outside the Red Lion pub and village outskirts.

Bikers currently operate under their own rules, boasting to residents that they
cannot be easily caught. Able to simply outrun police cars that pursue them,
their bikes are only equipped with one number plate that can be so small it is
barely legible. Add to that their ‘anonymity’, and we face an escalating problem of lawlessness. In addition, the bikes are often fitted with illegal exhaust systems to create maximum disruption, noise and offence.

The link below shows an example of two bikers that did not appreciate being filmed. They returned for the camera on several runs at speeds for which one would be imprisoned if in a car. The lime green bike has been seen on many occasions ‘baiting’ residents.

We, the undersigned, petition for the monitoring of the illegal speeds and noise levels of sports bikes within the Kennet District, and to discuss the installation of speed restrictions and limits in certain areas.

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