#Children's Rights
The Government of Canada.

In 2008, Steven Barker, his brother Jason Owen and his partner, Tracy Connolly; were convicted of causing or allowing the death of a two year old boy, Peter Connolly. The details of their crime sickened the nation, causing outrage in parliament and widespread anger amongst the people of Britain.

Causing or allowing the death of a child is a relatively new offence in Britain, introduced to prevent child murderers simply avoiding responsibility for their crimes by blaming each other for laying the final blow. Naturally, Barker, Owen (who changed his name to try and disassociate himself from his brother) and Connolly all blamed each other, meaning that there was no realistic possibility of getting a murder conviction, so they were tried under the new law.

It sounds fairly passive, causing or allowing the death of a child, but their role in Peter's death was anything but. Barker moved in with Connolly, who failed to tell the authorities that he was living with her while Peter was on the child protection register, as she was required to do. Barker and Owen had a violent past, directing their sick fantasies at old and young alike, including torturing their own grandmother to make her change her will. Barker was also convicted of raping a two year old girl after being found guilty of causing or allowing the death of Peter.

From the day Barker and Owen came on the scene, Peter's days were numbered. By the time he died, after 17 months of torture, neglect and abuse, little baby Peter had 50 separate injuries on his body, caused by the animals he lived with.

Not surprisingly, the people of Britain despise these animals for their crimes, which has led to speculation that they will be granted new identities and anonymity on release, to protect them from vigilante attacks. It has been reported in the British press that Steven Barker, the child-raping baby murderer, has his hear set on starting a new life in Canada on his release.

We think that Barker should be barred from being able to settle in Canada or any other country for that matter. His crimes were committed in Britain, he is a British citizen, the Government of Canada has no legal or moral obligation to allow him to come here. Indeed, it would be grossly injurious to the reputation of Canada as a civilized and law-abiding society, and it would place at risk the most vulnerable people in our country, namely the very young and seniors upon whom Barker and his wretched accomplices visited their sick and violent fantasies.

We, the undersigned, call upon the Government of Canada to publicly state that Steven Barker, Jason Owen, and Tracy Connolly are not welcome in Canada, and that they, or any other child abusers, will never be granted anonymity or asylum in Canada.

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