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Middle Aged People
United Kingdom

The aim of this petition is to make it so that the police and courts can press charges in a domestic abuse case, without the victim/s wishing to do so. This is because a lot of victims have an emotional connection to their abuser and so do not want to see them in trouble or hurt. By making this a legality, it could potentially save the lives of many people. this would require for there to be a substantial amount of evidence and for there to be beyond reasonable doubt that domestic abuse is occuring.

We are in favour of the courts having the ability to press charges in the instance of domestic abuse, without the victim's consent. This will only be done in the case of beyond reasonable doubt that abuse is occuring, and if there is a lack of evidence, then the situation should be closely monitored and regular checkups should take place in order to ensure that the potential victims are kept safe, and they should not be forgotten about. If no charges can go ahead then the victim should be well aware of what support is available and should not be feeling alone.

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