Newmarket Academy
United Kingdom

Since 2015 Newmarket Academy has offered a subsidy for pupils who wish to learn an instrument at school. Since it was introduced, it has been gradually reduced, and now the school has announced that they will be pulling it completely.

The full cost of instrument lessons is £150 per term - completely inaccessible for many students. This is a divisive and short-sighted move on behalf of the Academy.

A thriving Music department can become the heart of a school; motivating students, encouraging teamwork and promoting a spirit of comradery. It can become a vital support network of friends and mentors for every student involved. By scrapping the bursary, and thus discouraging music as an educational pursuit, the Academy is effectively phasing out Music as a part of the curriculum (as well as all the opportunities that come with it), and putting an end to a very promising community of young musicians. This is unacceptable.

We, the undersigned, call on the governing body of Newmarket Academy to re-instate a bursary of at least 40% for all students who wish to take instrumental lessons at school.

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