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On January 11th, 2017, there was a strategic planning meeting at the Kentucky Horse Park. We currently have an administration in our Kentucky government that has disbanded the previous board that advised the Kentucky Horse Park, and with that, have left us citizens concerned about the future of the facility. We understand that as a state funded entity, the KHP has produced minimal profits for the state, but at the same time has provided innumerable citizens a place to safely enjoy the outdoors, work with our horses, and educate our children.

The Kentucky Horse Park means so much to so many of us - from a grounds for premier shows to an educational tool of our local school system. It is a part of our trainers and horsemens business plan, a destination for our families vacations, and a place that we as young children dreamed of visiting.

The horse industry in Kentucky has a 3 billion dollar economic impact on the state, and although it is understandable that so much of that is in the breeding, selling, and racing thoroughbreds, much of it exists because of exactly what the Kentucky Horse Park stands for. The local jumper trainer. The 4-H participant. The little girl whose family can't afford riding lessons, but who put a Breyer under the tree every year. And the inner city school student who grows an interest in horse welfare because of his class trip to these facilities.

We need our government officials to understand just how truly special this facility is to us as horse-enthusiasts, and exactly why we need it. So please, sign our petition to keep the Kentucky Horse Park as a place for exactly that - for horses, for the impact they have on our civilization, and the people who love them.

We, the undersigned, call to the state government of Kentucky to maintain the Kentucky Horse Park as exactly that, a horse park. It has been brought to our attention that their is discourse over what the facility should entail, and how to make it more profitable. By signing this document, we would like to make our voices heard as advocates for maintaining the true integrity of the Kentucky Horse Park: as a destination for the horse enthusiast, a facility to host equine-centric competitions of all breeds and disciplines, and an educational facility for spreading knowledge on all things horse related. By keeping the Kentucky Horse Park in this regards, it will benefit hundreds of thousands of citizens, both Kentucky residents and beyond, in addition to the population of horses which they care for.

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