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They want to ban the prayer spoken at public events! “School Prayers Targeted” headlines scream on front page of the Chattanooga Times Free Press newspaper, dated Wed. Oct. 20, 2010. The “Freedom from Religion Foundation" is demanding local school leaders to eliminate prayer at public events. They claim, by them hearing prayers over the use of loudspeakers at football games, graduation ceremonies etc. is an "unconstitutional government-endorsed form of religion." I agree with Jim Rogers, a parent of a local Hamilton County student who boldly stated, "Public Christian prayer falls under the right of free speech." He stated, "Our country was founded on the principle of religious suffrage and the freedom to express that religion. God is incorporated in our money, the oath of office, our legal system, and in the Pledge of Allegiance. You cannot find one aspect of our secular government that doesn't make reference to our Creator."

I was astounded after exploring “Freedom from Religion Foundations” web site. Using unified solicitations; “One person can make a difference." Encouraging slogans “Make a Difference” as they quote the powerful words of Thomas Paine; "Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom must undergo the fatigue… of supporting it." Freedom from Religion Foundations is only 30 yrs old yet holds the most trophies for eliminating “God” from “Government” than any other foundation. They call us hypocrites, mocking the very existence and substance of God, the Creator of this marvelous, spectacular planet, twisting HIS truth for the use of destruction and slander against God’s glory and purpose.

This warfare against God is not new, nor is it a new technique, the Bible tells many stories of this same enemy…I realize winning this petition, and keeping our “right to verbally pray before public events” does not stop nor silence the enemy of God; however it will prevent us from losing our constitutional rights to exercise our freedom of religion to pray out loud wherever, whenever, however, we desire!

Stand together & refuse to let some half-witted enemy without foundation of any faith or principle dictate that we have to participate in “silencing” our voice! Our Saviors blood fell on this earth giving us the covenant of God’s benefits and blessing. Do not seal your mouth with fear, slothfulness, nor listen to lies that your voice will not make a difference – even the enemy agrees one person can make a difference! According to Phil 2:1-10… how much more powerful are we when we lift our voices in unity, like minded, with the same love, same purpose… as we await for the day that every knee shall bow, every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord! Sign this petition! Proudly enter your name, city, and state and sign this petition. Spread it around… together will not surrender due to our silence!

By signing this petition you are in agreement Verbal Prayer at Public Events is our constitutional right and you want the public prayers to remain.

There are many alternatives to excuse oneself from participating in public prayer (i.e. attend the event after the opening ceremonial prayer, excuse yourself to public facilities, use electronic devices such as headphones, MP3 players, cell phones.)

However, for those of us who require and deem it a necessity to pray out loud in unity – how do you impose our rights remain intact as we observe those who choose other alternatives? If you eliminate the spoken words of prayer it leaves a voice of “silence” and a place of absence… where is the alternative for those who require that prayer? They are forced to participate and submit to a voice of “silence’ given no other alternative… by Freedom from Religion Foundation definition – that is “a serious flagrant violation of the First Amendment”… They then become what they say they hate – by my definition that is a “True Hypocrite”…
You agree? Step up, use your God given voice, write your name, city, and state & hit “sign” on this petition and be a voice of accountability! Remember: 1 Tim 2:8 I will therefore that men pray everywhere, lifting up holy hands, without wrath and doubting.

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