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DC Council And US Congress
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The Washington DC City Council approved legislation on November 17, 2020 that has been sent to the Mayor for review that will:

1) Allow minors 11 years and older to choose to get a vaccine without parental consent
2) Compel the health provider giving advice to the children and the insurance company paying for the vaccine to NOT DISCLOSE TO THE PARENTS that their child has chosen to receive the vaccination, nor to disclose who gave then the vaccination, nor to disclose what vaccine was administered to the child.

This bill was approved vote by 12-1 in favor on October 20, 2020 and is headed for final approval. The proposed legislation is here:


While this bill is pending in Washington, DC it is important that we fight this bill now so that similar bill do not become commonplace in the US or internationally.

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By signing this petition, we concerned citizens demand that the Washington DC Mayor veto this legislation.

Additionally, I am asking my representatives in the US House of Representatives and Senate to act to immediately remove Home Rule powers of the Washington DC City Council to introduce this legislation or any other related legislation forever.

Furthermore, we, the signers of this petition pledge that if this bill passes, we will not visit Washington, DC for tourism. And if we are required to travel to Washington, DC for business we pledge to minimize our spending on Washington, DC hotels, restaurants or theaters by staying in neighboring states and only conducting minimal activities in the District. We will make Washington, DC feel economic effects from their draconian treatment of it's citizens.

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