#Neighborhood Living
Pace University, New York Police Department of New York City
United States of America

Due to the manner of their inhabitance of the university perimeter, the student body requests that the NYPD Mounted Unit please pick up after their horses, including their droppings which they have left around the school for the past two months.

It is distasteful, disgusting, and rude to current and prospective students visiting the school as well as its faculty, staff, and patrons of the university. This petition serves as a device for the university to speak out against the horse poop publicly left around the vicinity of the school campus by the NYPD Mounted Unit. We feel they have abused their power and their stay around our university campus, which has left us feeling uncomfortable and disrespected.

By signing this petition, we at Pace University stand up for our rights as students and as citizens of the United States and to take action against the conditions we must live and learn in. The continual protests of university students which have thus far gone unrecognized exemplify the university president’s and NYPD’s disregard for the University’s and surrounding community’s welfare. It is incorrect to think the university does not control or have say over the situation.

We do and our voice will be heard. This is about our health, our safety, our comfort, and most importantly, about respect as a community united under an environment of learning. It is high time for the mounted police officers to comply with our requests for decency and civility. We ask them to get off their high horse, metaphorically and literally, to clean up their horse poop. Pace University is not the NYPD's personal horse stable and we request that they do not act as if it is. Every university student has the right to live and learn in a safe and comfortable environment. This concerns all students, faculty, and staff at Pace University as well as all students nationwide. We must stand up for our rights.

We, as a student body, must unite against the disrespect and disgusting conditions we have been subjected to. We do not pay this much for Pace University to endure being brushed off by university higher ups, who have allowed us to be subjected to these disgusting conditions. Let this petition signify our endurance and persistence in the matter before us.

Please sign the petition below if you wish to not smell or see horse feces everyday on your way to class and/or work.

Due to the manner of your inhabitance around the Pace University perimeter, the student body requests that the NYPD Mounted Police Division please clean up the horse droppings left around the school.

It is distasteful, disgusting, disrespectful to current and prospective students visiting our school as well as to its faculty, staff, and patrons of the university. You are public servants and as so we feel you should clean up your public poop. It is morally reprehensible that as police officers you can fine and ticket civilians for not picking up their animal poop on the streets but you do not adhere to the same laws.

Feces are breeding grounds for bacteria and disease making them a danger to the health of the university students and its surrounding community, including the young children at the Spruce Street School. Frankly it smells, which remains as unpleasant reminder of your persistent presence around our campus. Your occupation of the university perimeter has interrupted the comfort and stability of our institution of learning and community of education.

We are disgruntled with your actions and the disrespect you have shown to the university. We will not tolerate the disgusting fecal matter you have publicly left around our school any longer.

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