#Children's Rights
Parents of students in 3rd-8th grade
United States of America

The push for all students to pass the state mandated TAKS test has intensified. Students who teachers feel are "at risk" of not passing the test are being put into extra math, reading, science, or social studies classes that focus on skills tested on the TAKS test.

However, many of the students being put into these classes are doing well in their core classes, they are NOT failing. These students are being taken out of their elective classes, such as band, theatre arts, athletics, etc to go to the extra classes. Some students have been denied music, art, and computer classes since the 3rd grade and now, in 6th grade, they are still being pulled out of their elective.

Our proposal is that they offer the extra help for the TAKS test after school or on only two days a week. Our children should not be denied the opportunity for creative expression because of the pressure the school is under to get everyone to pass a test that is not even a true measure of a child's development.

We, the undersigned, call on the Pleasanton Independent School District to change the system currently in place for offering extra help to students for the TAKS test.

We are asking that the PISD find a system that does not eliminate electives for students needing that extra help.

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