prime minister
United Kingdom

February 27, 2006

There is a large proportion of people living in Merseyside who believe that this person, Michael Shields, DID actually commit the crime he has been imprisoned for.

Why should the justice system be different for him?

He can't prove he didn't do it. But the courts seemed to be able to prove he did. If this happened in the UK, what would we want the sentance to be? How would we like it dealt with?

If he IS innocent, then set him free now. But there's no smoke without fire as they say, and if he DID commit the offence, then he got what was coming to him.

I wouldn't want him to be walking the streets of my home town, Liverpool, not to mention blackening AGAIN the name of the club I support, LFC. Everyone knows if you steal in Saudi Arabia they chop your hand off.

Maybe he should have thought about the consequences before commiting the offence?

While no convincing evidence has been brought forward to determine the decision of guilty unsafe, we should not interfere in other countries laws. Let him do his time.

If the Bulgarian courts do have evidence that would support an appeal to acquit him, then let him go free now.

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