#International Affairs
Immigration Office/Japanese Government

I have been living and working in Japan for the past two years. I was employed up until October 2015, when I was unjustly fired after quitting my job due to unfair practices. I was promised 3 months according to my contract but was given less then a month to find alternative employment.

It has been hard and I have not been able to locate employment. Now my visa is going to expire in less then a month and I will be forced out of the country as I do not have work. The thing is, I fell in love with this country.

I made great friends. I learned a beautiful language. I had the experience and time of my life. I just want to continue living here. But antiquated and blind laws are making this impossible.


We, the undersigned, call on the Japanese Immigration Office/Government to renew Jean Herard's visa so he can remain in the country he loves. In Japan, he is safe, he is healthy and he is happy. Do not deny him the chance to find gainful employment and to continue being a productive member of the Japanese society.

彼は彼が愛する国に留まることができるように、我々、署名者は、Jean Herard ビザを更新するために日本の出入国管理事務所/政府に呼び出します。日本では、彼は、安全である彼は健康であり、彼は幸せです。彼にチャンス有給雇用を見つけると、日本社会の生産的な一員であり続けるためには否定しません。

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