David Cameron
United Kingdom

One of the best things to come out of downing street in recent years was the introduction of free swimming for the over 60's and under 16's. IT has this week been announced that this scheme will be withdrawn, coming into effect in our local area on the 1st August to us parents the middle of the school holidays.

I would like to put it to the government any money deemed to be saved from this scrappage would be bound to be used up elsewhere when the health services are used by those that gain weight and become unfit and by the police forces that are left to deal with a predictable rise in anti social behaviour.

There are many other places cuts could be made this is not one of them, this government was elected on the premise that they were working for the people, with the people. There are obviously cuts going to be needed to be made but I put it to this government that this is not the place for cutbacks.

We, the undersigned, call on our prime minister and the coalition government to keep the free swimming scheme for the under 16's and over 60's.

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