City of Maxwell
United States of America

Dec 26, 2005

Ace Bridges is a Staffordshire terrier, which is a breed of pit bull. Ace is not a harmful dog, although he has been labeled one because of his breed. He has been around other dogs, big and small. He has been around children and adults. He has never harmed anyone, Ace doesn't even bark.

This dog is all his owner, Gerald Bridges, has. Gerald knows that this dog is not vicious and he does not want to give him up, but the city is asking him to remove Ace or else they will forcefully remove the dog from Gerald's home and have Ace put down.

As a fellow citizen, I am telling you that there is no need for this dog to be removed from within city limits. This is the calmest dog I have ever seen. I am asking you to sign this petition in hopes to let Gerald Bridges keep Ace in his home.

We, the undersigned, petition to allow Ace Bridges, a Staffordshire terrier pit bull, to stay within city limits of Maxwell with his owner Gerald Bridges.

City Ordinance requires that Gerald has a six foot fence and that Ace wear a muzzle while out in the community. Gerald will comply with all these conditions.

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