Victims of Bernard L. Madoff
United States of America

Bernard L. Madoff will be appearing before Denny Chin to enter his plea.

Sign below to tell the Judge to delay the acceptance of the Plea Deal until such time as victims will have had a chance to speak with the prosecutor's office, as provided by Federal Law.

To the Honorable Denny Chin, District Judge, United States District Court for the Southern District of New York:

The undersigned victims in the case of United States v. Bernard L. Madoff, Docket No. 08 Mag. 2735 (DC) strongly urge the court to take the following actions in connection with the hearing set for March 12, 2009.

Should a plea agreement, including a sentencing Agreement, be presented to this Court by the US Attorney’s office and/or defendant’s counsel at the hearing currently set for March 12, 2009, request is hereby made that this Court defer any ruling on its acceptance of such a plea agreement until:

1) Such time that the terms of such Agreement have been made available to the defendant’s victims, and such time as those victims have had the opportunity to review and respond to this Court, in any event, not before March 31, 2009, regarding the terms of any Agreement, including an assessment of how those victims may or may not be impacted;

2) A process has been established whereby each victim who would like to address this Court and the defendant in person has a reasonable opportunity to do so in accordance with Federal Law. While this may require a substantial investment of time and resources, the magnitude and nature of the alleged crimes require that these victims be afforded the opportunity to speak to this Court and to confront the man they trusted, in many cases, with their life savings. It would be unfair and arbitrary to conduct a selection process for in-person statements that gives some victims the right to address the Court and Defendant Madoff while denying that right to others;

3) This Court requires Defendant Madoff to provide a detailed statement of all relevant actions since the inception of the fraud to create and perpetrate the fraud.

4) The Victims have had opportunity to discuss the proposed Agreement with the US Attorney’s office

I, the undersigned, affirm, that I am a victim in the case of United States v. Bernard L. Madoff, Docket No. 08 Mag. 2735 (DC)

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