#Children's Rights
Henderson County Board of Education
United States of America

The Individuals with Disabilities Act 20 U.S.C. s3601 etseq Implementing Regulation 24 CFR Part 300, specifically prohibits such actions as those discriminating against children with disabilities. Including but not limited to participation in school sports and activities. As set forth in these regulations rules and guidelines are established to help and protect children with disabilities from any form of discrimination.

We the undersigned call on the Henderson County School Board and Lexington High School principal Mr. Lindsey in Lexington TN to allow Tyler Golemon to play basketball for the Lexington High School basketball team. Tyler Golemon is a high functioning child with Autism. Tyler has played basketball, football, and soccer ever since Elementary School. The coach and Lexington High School will not allow Tyler to play basketball stating he is a liability. Tyler has never been considered a liability and has played contact sports since becoming old enough to be on the teams. Tyler practices in the rain, heat, cold, it doesn't matter because this child has a passion for sports. Tyler was briefly allowed to be at the practice but was made to sit off by himself and then the coach informed Tyler's mother that it wasn't going to work out that he was trying to build a winning team. The regulations set forth in the IWDA specifically prohibits such discrimination and exclusion. All this child wants is to be a part of the team and not only is he excluded but he's bullied by other kids on the team. No Tyler may not can remember all of the plays or formations but has more heart than any kid on that team. I ask you to stand with Tyler so that his Senior year will be one he can look back on with fond memories instead of people telling him he wasn't good enough simply because he is different. We hearby call for a full investigation into Lexington High School, High School Principal Mr. Lindsey and the Henderson County Board of Education.

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