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Let me begin by saying I am a caucasian, middle-class woman earning a specialist's degree in Education. A series of events in my life has made me have a heart for those who are wrongfully accused and/or convicted of crimes. This is especially true for young, black males here in middle GA. We can not keep turning a "blind eye" to this epidemic. Please be open-minded as you read this. Please imagine if it were you in this situation. I am here to tell you if it happened to my family, it can happen to anyone. This is lengthy, but it is necessary in order to tell the whole story.

Please visit the web site to read this tragic story of racism, corruption and complete injustice!

Dear Governor Perdue, I am writing to express my sincere concern regarding the aggravated assault case of Rodrick Lenn Rawlings in Bibb County, Georgia. There are serious ethical violations pertaining to this case. I am equally concerned that your office and others are choosing to ignore these concerns. Over 300 people have previously contacted the Governor's Office, and many grievances have been filed. The media and various innocence organizations have also been contacted. We demand you listen to our concerns and act. This is the only way we can assure justice prevails in the local judicial system. You CAN NOT ignore these facts and our concerns. We are asking you to uphold your campaign promises and demonstrate genuine concern for all people in Georgia. We know you are in a position to help, the question is WILL YOU?

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