Disbelievers of Michael Jackson's innocence

Michael Joe Jackson was a man who was known under many different titles. Entertainer, performer, singer, dancer, humanitarian, and many more truly amazing things. However, due to living in a cruel world, he was also known for a mush worse, and sickening, so obviously false name as well; A child molestor.
When Michael Jackson was alive and well, he was accused of child molestation by a young boy who had survived cancer. Under every single last count of this accusation he was found innocent. The young boy and his family had been lying for money which was proven. In other similar cases, he was proven innocent as well. Most have come forward and admitted to lying for things such as money and fame. Some of the most important things that everyone must know about this beautiful man, they never take the time to hear. They only hear the wrong he's been accused of and dismiss the good because they already believe the lies. Ergo, allow me to inform you on the kind of man Michael Jackson was and should be remembered as. Michael Jackson was man who loved mankind. He was famous since the age 5 and therefore missed out on the experience of having a childhood. He loved elementary things such as Peterpan and Pinnochio because it brought him to an era which he missed out on; his childhood. He preferred to spend most of his time hanging out with and playing games with children to also visit this era that, again, he missed. He was damaged and lonely and so misunderstood. Within a child's youthful, innocent and beautiful face, Michael saw the face of God. This made him adore children even more. Michael Jackson was a man who lived by Jesus. He would give his all if it meant a person in need had the things to keep them safe, fed, warm and alive. Even if it meant he was missing out on such things. I'm saying this referring to him being either rich and famous, or broke and a basic human being. Michael Jackson was a man who gave without expecting. He was a man who could show unconditional love even if you've done him wrong. He was a man who was only full of love, forgiveness, peace, and generosity. All things good. Now, because we live in a world that has become so shallow and poor in personality, a world in which giving comes with expectations, a world where doing anything good makes you bad, or weird.... this world saw him as a freak. They saw him as a pedophile. They saw him as a child molestor and a weirdo. They saw Michael Joe Jackson as a complete opposite of the person that he actually was.
Wade Robson, a choreographer and friend of Michael, volunteered to fly up from his hometown to be with Michael at his defense in the 2005 trial in which he swore UNDER OATH 3 times that Michael NEVER touched him. Today, we have another accusation by that same Wade Robson claiming that Michael had sexually abused him for years. He also claims that Michael would not allow him around other woman, and cut him off after puberty. However, this proves false due to a photo taken of Wade, Michael and Lisa Marie Presley (former wife of Michael Jackson) out in public, clearly after Wade is beyond past puberty.
There is also James Safechuck, who was a friend of Michael. They met in a pepsi commercial and became friends. He also swore that Michael Jackson never inappropriately touched him or anything of that matter. But yet, today he is the second accuser of Michael Jackson and he also burdens many lies as well.
Both men are in search of fame and money. Both men were close friends of Michael and have waited nearly 10 years after the superstars death to finally open up. This is an unfair case in which the opposite person is unable to defend themself. In the past, when approached about the situation they have denied everything and swore it was all false but today they are lying that Michael did such disgusting acts and it isn't even true.
They would sleep at Michael's house, in Michaels bed, with their parents present and Lisa Marie Presley (wife of Michael Jackson at the time) all have claimed that nothing suspicious ever took place. There was always someone unintentionally watching.
Both boys claimed that when Michael performed such acts, they did not see it as wrong, they didn't think anything of it, and they continued to visit the superstar. However, I know of people who were younger than them at the time who knew it was wrong, who have attempted suicide, cried themselves to sleep, self harmed, and other horrible things the first moment it even took place.

Michael Jackson's music has recently been pulled from the radio world wide. They are ruining his image. His legacy. And everything Michael Jackson stood for in life. They are taking peace away from an innocent man. They are making a beautiful man out to look like something he could never even imagine dead or alive.



As a Moonwalker, superfan of Michael, and believer in basic human equity, and peace for the dead and innocent, I ask of you to sign this petition in the defense of Michael Joe Jackson being innocent. MIchael deserves justice.


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