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Maxi Bader purchased a newly built home in Rockhampton in 2012 at the age of 19. She moved in on the 25th January 2013 and while putting her new furniture together in the house she nearly got swept off of her feet with a wall of water rushing through her new home. By 7am on the morning of the 26th January (Australia Day) 2013 the house was under a second time.
Maxi has never been able to live in her house as it has been inundated with storm water 6 times now and it is full of mould and rotting. Thieves have been in the house and stolen the ceiling fans, air conditioner units, rainwater tank, light fittings and even a toilet.
The Rockhampton Regional Council and all other parties that were involved in the sale and development of this house will not accept any blame for this house being allowed to be built in a water way as it was not listed in the Q100 flood levels even though everybody else in Rockhampton seems to have known that this new house would be a disaster for some poor person who didn't know the area.... including the council who had the previous flood records.
Developer - Rockhampton Property Holdings
Certifier - Rockhampton Building Approvals
Real Estate Agent - Freedom Properties
Plumbing & Drainage Approval - Rockhampton Regional Council
Builder - Apollo Homes
The Rockhampton Regional Council will not waiver the rates for Maxi and continue to send her bills for water that she does not use and $320 every time they send someone in to mow her lawn.
Maxi is seeking full compensation from the Rockhampton Regional Council and is asking for your support in this.
Please refer to the Facebook page "Infamous Rockhampton Flooding Scandal". To join in ... just use this URL address https://www.facebook.com/groups/1402708363156183/

We, the undersigned, call on the Rockhampton Regional Council to waiver the rates and all outstanding water and mowing fees for 222 Elphinstone Street, Koongal on behalf of Maxi Bader. We also request that the Rockhampton Regional Council fully compensate Maxi Bader.

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