Senator the Hon George Brandis QC

Her name was Chloe Valentine, and she was 4 years old!

During January 2012, Chloe Valentine was tortured and killed by the 2 people entrusted to love her, care for her, protect her and provide her a safe & happy home.

Over 4 days, Chloe Valentine, a 4 year old child, was forced to ride a 50 kilogram motorbike over and over and over, while Ashlee Jean Polkinghorne and Benjamin Robert McPartland sat video recording, what was to be, a very terrified, 4 year old Chloe's slow and torturous death. Laughing, as they watched Chloe crash into objects and repetitively being thrown from the motorbike, until such time little Chloe was knocked unconscious (day 4).

Little Chloe was left lying for hours, slowly dying from her horrific injuries. Google searches and Facebook accounts were checked, before '000' was finally called. Chloe Valentine's injuries were so severe that some of her family members were unable to recognize her tiny bruised and swollen body.

For their heinous crimes and treatment of this innocent child, Ashlee Jean Polkinghorne and Benjamin Robert McPartland, received a 4 year and two month non-parole jail term, out of a mere 7 years in total.

We, the undersigned, call on the Australian Federal Attorney-General, the Hon George Brandis, and demand a sentence review of both Ashlee Jean Polkinghorne and Benjamin Robert McPartland's current jail sentences.

We request harsher sentences be awarded to both their jail terms. One that both equal the crimes and treatment committed against this innocent child. Life in prisonment!

We call for "Justice for Little Chloe Valentine".

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