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What if you were convicted of a crime, but there wasn't one? They all say "I'm Innocent" This Man really is! You decide!

Douglas was convicted of first degree murder in 1995. He has always pledged his innocence. The scientific evidence also backs up the Truth, that he has been wrongfully convicted and imprisoned for a term of life!

There is so much new evidence to prove his innocence that this goes to the injustices against him if he is not granted a new trial. Douglas wasn't convicted of just any crime, but the worst of all crimes, the murder of a child. Her name was Nicole and she wasn't quite two. Her Mother had taken her to the Doctor ten days before she died because she had unexplained bruising all over her body, the Doctor diagnosed Nicole with a blood disorder which causes the blood vessels to hemorrhage without trauma. The Doctor gave her mom a prescription, that was that, but sadly it wasn't, it was just the beginning. Nicole's mom never filled that prescription, and ten days later baby Nicole died of a bleed in her brain. Because Nicole was bruised and had the hemorrhaging in her brain, they assumed she had been beaten, AKA shaken baby, and never concerned themselves with her diagnosis just ten days earlier.

Now lets skip ahead 1999, Doug was convicted and sitting in prison when he finds out that, the baby's parents are suing the Doctor for misdiagnosis of their child saying that if the Doctor had diagnosed their daughter correctly she would have lived, but because he had said it was a blood disorder not child abuse as Doug had been convicted of, she died.

So the Doctor having the financial ability to defend himself and get to the truth in what really happened to baby Nicole, he hired experts to review all the contents of the case, pathology, everything, and then A BOMB SHELL! In the same court house where Doug was convicted of the first degree murder of this child, it was determined that it was truly, the blood disorder that caused Nicole to die. Based on expert medical testimony, and all the evidence, the court determined that Baby Nicole had in fact died of the blood disorder, and that she had in fact been correctly diagnosed. Now this is just the tip of the iceberg and yet given this alone, Doesn't Doug deserve a trial where all the facts of the case surrounding this child's death are known? Medical testimony, as to the diagnosis of the deceased child.

Doug was provided what I consider to be no defense. His public defender, didn't even file the appeals that were mandatory after his conviction in this case.

So many have dropped the ball in this case, that I don't even know where to begin, and yet the Lord has put it on my heart to do something about this injustice.

Please sign this petition if you also feel the new evidence needs to be looked at, to ask that Doug will be given the fair trial that he deserves and we expect. Thank You for your time and God Bless, Family & Friends of Douglas

We, the undersigned, Ask the US justice system to take into account the new evidence in the case of Douglas Clyde Carlson IDOC #49661. It has been proven in the same court house where Mr. Carlson was convicted of killing the deceased child, that she died of medical causes, not related to abuse.

Douglas deserves a trail where the new medical evidence, Medical testimony, as to the diagnosis of the deceased child, can be presented. We are joining together and signing, to ask that Douglas Clyde Carlson will be given the fair trial that he deserves, and we expect.

Thank You for your time and support. Sincerely, Friends of Douglas

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