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Daviere Bryant was found on the back porch of his mother's home (Dalishia Salter) by his father (David Bryant Jr.) on September 13, 2014 at approximately 1:00 A.M. after receiving texts messages from the mother claiming she had beat him and he had knots on his head and was bleeding, she continue to say she put him out on the back porch near the trash. When the father arrived he found his child visibly bruised and swollen in his eyes, nose, and face.

The father did decide to video tape as he approached the porch just in case the mother's claim where in fact true. You can hear the mother in the video once confronted by the father say "I don't care I told you to come get him and I don't care I'll kill him". The video has gone viral and this mother has been charge with "endangering the welfare of a child", "assault", as well as many others. Doctor's did find signs of what they believe is prior abuse as well.

This mother's family is now seeking temporary custody of this child, Dalishia Salter has another child who is 4 years old that was already in foster care at the time of this incident. None of her family has stepped up to help her first child. No one fought for temporary custody of her other child. But now they want to pick and choose which child they want? Daviere was allegedly already beaten by his mother once and we can not trust her family to keep Dalishia safely away from this child now.

Text message as well as child's injuries:




We, the people of the United States of America fear for the safety of Daviere Bryant if placed into the temporary custody of the family of the woman who allegedly abused him already.

We are asking everyone to sign this petition in order to stop CPS of Allegheny County in Pennsylvania from placing Daviere into Dalishia Salter's family. Her family has publicly supported the alleged abuser all over social media.

We are asking CPS to keep said child Daviere Braynt in his current foster home temporarily until a more appropriate placement can be made.

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