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Jose Altuve's Game Six Home Run in the bottom of the ninth inning off of the Yankees' Aroldis Chapman marks only the fifth time in Major League Baseball history that a League Championship Series was decided by a walk-off Home Run. Furthermore, Jose Altuve became only the second player in Major League history to end a post-season series in walk-off fashion after the home team lost the lead in the top half of the same inning; the other was the Pirates' Bill Mazeroski in the 1960 World Series. . . against the Yankees.

Jose Altuve's historic feat will go down in history, along with many other feats the 2019 Houston Astros have already accomplished, as one of the single greatest moments in Astros franchise history. As such, the purpose of this Petition is to call for the memorialization of this historic moment by affixing a permanent marker to the facade of Minute Maid Park's outfield wall at the precise location of where Mr. Altuve's historical home run landed. By effectuating the foregoing, this moment, this team and this season will forever be memorialzed for posterity by the addition of a beloved historical marker on the outfield facade for future generations to gaze upon as they cheer on this amazing franchise in perpetuity.

If you, too, would love to see a historical marker at the very spot where Altuve's historic Home Run bounced off of the outfield facade thereby sending the Astros to the 2019 World Series, then please sign this Petition!

We. the faithful fans of the Houston Astros Baseball Club, call upon Houston Astros, LLC and Minute Maid Park to memorialize Jose Altuve's historic 2019 ALCS Game Six Home Run by affixing a permanent marker to the facade of the outfield wall in the precise location where the ball contacted the wall, thereby sending the Houston Astros to the 2019 World Series.

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