John Lewis for Congress
United States of America

Members of Georgia's 5th Congressional District have a choice of candidates this year, for the first time in several decades. John Lewis, the incumbent of 24 years is opposed by Republican Candidate Fenn Little.

While Fenn Little may be an underdog with little name recognition, this does not appear to be an indicator in the support he is receiving from the constituents of this diverse district. John Lewis has refused to reply to the claims that he is a puppet of Washington Politics who is disconnected to his constituent base and their needs and priorities. He has also refused to debate Fenn Little.

If you would like to see these candidates answer the questions for the constituents themselves, PLEASE SIGN THIS PETITION.

We the undersigned call on John Lewis to debate his opponent, republican candidate Fenn Little for the Congressional Seat representing Georgia's 5th district of Atlanta.

After 24 years as our representative, we question whether he is part of a political machine in Washington or in touch with the needs of the district. We want to hear from both candidates in the form of a public debate which will allow voters to make the best informed decision how to cast their votes in the upcoming November election.

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