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Endemol Southern Star

June 15, 2006

Many people feel that Jamie and Katie are receiving preferential treatment from Big Brother Australia, and that they have been behaving quite childishly in recent days.

In particular:

a) Too much air-time is dedicated to them.

b) Too much of the web streaming is dedicated to them.

c) BB has not shown the extent of their immature reactions to being nominated.

d) Katie was given a better birthday party for her 20th than poor John was given for his 21st. Katie's birthday party is the only one so far that has featured music and the use of the Rewards Room.

e) There has been much collusion and nominations talk between the two which has gone unpunished. Jamie has received 4 fines for nominations talk but no strikes, even though it is an evictorial offence. They are believed to have written messages to each other in toothpaste under the doona.

f) Although Katie has been caught out lying by her housemates, this has not been aired by Big Brother. The lies pertain to a top given to her by Danni, and not having an expensive top of Claire's when she did.

We, the undersigned, feel that Jamie and Katie have been given unfair favouritism by the Big Brother team, and that this is having a detrimental effect on our viewing experience.

We feel that this favouritism is ruining Big Brother and would like to see more of the other housemates, and less of JamKat.

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