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Drugs in the music and movie business have taken many lives over the years. At no point has the industry taken a solid stand to improve this condition. Society in general bans drug use in the workplace as do others such as professional and amateur sports teams.

Hollywood should now lead the way in banning drugs and drug use in light of the recent losses of Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston. A policy banning drug use should be contained in every talent contract and embrace a true zero tolerance drug policy.

This policy would be mandated and appear in every recording or movie contract. The clause would terminate the contract upon breach. This ban can and should also extend to any lyrics and content that promote the use and sale of illegal drugs.

We the undersigned, call on every concerned person to eliminate the use and promotion of drugs in the music and movie industry. Whereas, zero tolerance drug bans exist in the workplace in professional sports, and are accepted by society in general.

No person should have reason n legal or other grounds to oppose such a contract clause banning drugs in this workplace. Whereas, in light of the recent losses of Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston, and whereas Hollywood and the entire entertainment industry profits and benefits as the result of the contribution of talent.

Therefore Hollywood and associated industries should lead the way in mandating a "Jackson Houston" no drug use contract clause. This clause will ban drugs and drug use in all current and future talent contracts and will serve to embrace an industry wide zero tolerance drug policy. The control of over over prescribed prescription drugs will also be a major target of this effort.

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