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With the election coming in fast I could not help but to realize how separated everyone's views are on who should run our country.

I personally see bad in both sides, and in general am just tired of seeing everyone fight about whom is better than whom. I see people saying they do not want to vote for either party, or people who want to vote a certain way but do not know enough supporting facts about that candidate for them to validate their decision.

So my wife and I have decided to start a friendly petition, with a baby on the way due right around election time, stating that if our daughter (Ivy) is born on Election Day that by default she should be president. Let's face it, she could potentially be our only hope.

We, the undersigned, think it's possible, probable even, that Ivy Lynn Hope Sanning could be a great leader of the free world, and therefore if she is born on Election Day 2016, she should be president by default.

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