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Pet Lovers Across Massachusetts
Massachusetts, USA

Did you know that the Massachusetts legislature and courts view our cherished family pets like an ordinary piece of personal property? Right now, if your pet dog or cat is killed through the negligent or reckless act of someone other than the owner, its "value" is no more than the cost of another. It's time to change the law to recognize your beloved pet is worth more than just replacement value. Senate Bill 1131 (S.1131 - formerly SD.25) which has been sponsored by Sen. Bruce Tarr (R-1st Essex & Middlesex District) and is now up for review by a joint conference of legislators from the House and Senate, seeks to amend section 77 of chapter 272 of the Massachusetts General Laws by allowing for pet owners to be reimbursed not only for the fair monetary value of a dog or cat killed through someone's willful, wanton, reckless or negligent act, but also for court and attorney fees, afterlife expenses and other reasonable damages, plus non-economic damages, including, but not limited to, loss of comfort, protection, companionship, and emotional distress up to a monetary cap of $30,000. Damages under this new section 77D of chapter 272 of the Massachusetts General Laws shall be sought under an action of tort by the aggrieved pet owner no later than three years after the death of the pet or such time as it reasonably could have been known that the dog or cat had been killed.

We call on all residents of Massachusetts and pet lovers across the country to sign this petition in support of S.1131 (formerly SD.25). Show the Massachusetts legislature and our Governor that the Bill's proposed changes to M.G.L chapter 272 are sensible, necessary and recognize that the untimely death of a family dog or cat in the hands of another is worth more than a desk.

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