#Human Rights
The United Nations

There have been numerous reports and harrowing images of black African men being sold into modern day slavery. Some detailing the harvest and sale of human organs in the highly notorious human organ market These reports have not aroused robust investigations or a significant outcry from the international community which would be expected for such a significant breach of humam rights and life.
It would be an unforgivable atrocity, if immediate steps are not taken to investigate and bring a stop to this savagery.
The UN in its' position as an upholder and forerunner in pushing through human rights reform should and must act quickly to stop further loss of life.

Please sign this petition to the United Nations to act to bring an immediate end to the in humane acts being carried out on black African men in camps across Libya and it's environs. Please let us fight to put a stop to this. The slavery in our history was unforgivable, letting it happen again by active participation or by conscious nonchalance will be a disgrace to mankind.

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The Investigate and stop the modern day slavery on black Africans in Libya petition to The United Nations was written by Augusta Okpapi Anenih and is in the category Human Rights at GoPetition.

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