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For over two years the community in and around the Invergordon areas pulled together to fight the proposed Incinerator for our town.

With a community mandate of nearly 4,000 against the incinerator, the community did win and the Highland councillors did as the community said and refused the planning application. But the decision was over turned at appeal by the Reporter Mr Danny Onn.

Thankfully Mr Al-Fayed and his team stepped in and took up the legal challenge against the current Scottish Government. This was won in December 2010 when the current Scottish Government conceded defeat and the Reporters decision was quashed in the Cout of Session.

This means that whilst the Reporters decision was quashed legally, the appellant (Glen Jones) original appeal against the H.C refusing planning permission still stands and another decision will be taken.

This means that we now need to make sure that we get to have our say democratically by ensuring we get a Public Local Inquiry to ensure that there is fairness and transparency for all concerned.

Please sign this petition mandamus (mandate)

We the people of the Invergordon Ross-Shire area with this Mandamus (mandate) command the current Government to recover jurisdiction from the DPEA the planning application PPA-270-2017 and that they convene a Public Local Inquiry.

The Community were denied their democratic right to be heard the last time, when the Reporter favoured the appellant with a positive written decision, going against the Mandate of nearly 4,000 residents.

The people have a specific democratic right to be heard and allowed to present their research, facts and evidence in a PLI (Public Local Inquiry), thereby ensuring that the balance of fairness and transparency is finally addressed.

Please sign this petition mandamus (mandate) commanding the current government to give the community its specific democratic right to be heard and listened to with a PLI (Public Local Inquiry).

Thank you

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