The Board of City Commissioners of the city of Mandan, Morton County, ND.
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In the small town of Mandan, ND there lies a store called Many Visions. This store is a locally owned business that brings in revenue from all over the country. Many Visions brings a unique and different sense of style to a more classic county. Many Visions was created with the intentions of allowing people to express themselves freely, it is a pillar of freedom to be who you are free of judgement. Many Visions entire goal to bring to this community is acceptance, love and a platform in which people never doubt their visions.
In late 2018 store owner and founder, Bobby Cochran began working on bringing a colorful yet respectful change to the quaint city of Mandan.

To the city of Mandan;

"My name is Bobby Cochran, and I am the owner of Many Visions. I have received your letter regarding the mural on the outside of our shop, and would like to respectfully appeal your decision. I would like to start by apologizing for not initially going through the proper channels for permitting. As a new business owner, I am still learning my way around things like this. However, the mural has now been up for 3 months, and we have received nothing but positive responses to it. The mural is so much more than just paint on a wall. The mural brought together numerous of different talented artists within the Bismarck- Mandan area. During the production time, the artists and those who put forth effort into this mural; were able to connect with each other and the community around us.

Unintentionally, I believe this mural has opened many doors to many artistic opportunities within our community. We have the chance to not only allow this to continue, but to propose a city-wide effort for businesses to partner with local artists and create more art throughout the city (in approved locations). Mandan can create a connection between artists, community organizations, businesses, government agencies, and our youth by developing a public urban arts program. This mural is no longer a simple painting, but a vivid representation of our local identity. Our intent was not to create a rebellion, but in fact the opposite, to incite a sense of camaraderie between the locals and business owners, and even the city representatives. While I know it is a different site to bring to an unfamiliar county, I believe that the mural painted outside of my store is not a distraction to the city.
The mural does not represent violence, gang related actions, drugs, or anything negative of the source. It is a small enough mural that you really need to be so many feet in order to even get the full affect of the painting."

If you would just take a moment to consider the impact this mural has and will continue to have on our community it would be whole heartedly appreciated. If ever necessary we will continue to fight for what we believe in.

This is a petition that stands in support of the Many Vision store-front mural that was created by Bobby Cochran and numerous other local artists including, Sammy Obrigewitch, Jaimie Privratsky, Paige Michal and Mathew Graham.
Many Visions is a locally owned apparel store in Mandan, North Dakota. While the Many Vision team may seem familiar, you may recognize them from the kiosk in the Kirkwood mall that was there over the last couple years. However, to those who are not familiar, they've successfully advanced to a new location, which is their own store front located on 100 2nd Ave NW, Mandan, ND. While the store maybe new, the Many Visions movement has been around the Bismarck area for many years. Many Visions goal since day one has always been about giving back to the people of their community. It has been a safe haven for people of all ages; to create a platform for people to believe in themselves, to be themselves and be able to express themselves free of ridicule. The Many Vision team has impacted the lives of many people not only in the Bismarck-Mandan area, but as well as across our country.
This store-front mural that we are asking you to consider, offers a new taste of culture to a community that has many quaint features. With such a historic, old time feeling in the Bismarck-Mandan area it is refreshing to add into the mix some new era charm.
The mural stands for more than visual appeal, the art show cases a form of creative expression that the locals in Bismarck-Mandan have never been given the opportunity to appreciate. It is intriguing, colorful and unique. It is worth noting that the size of this mural is not blinding to local public transportation nor does it cause a distraction to any of the surrounding business. We ask you to open your heart and minds to the consideration of the North Dakota native artists that are proud of their home-towns, that have taken the time and effort to create a visually pleasing mural. To embrace diversity.
While creating this art piece many of the local businesses stopped by to show their support. as well as give input in what should be put in the mural. Strangers becoming friends under the common interest of seeing this mural be created and their words of “change” “something new and different” were genuine.
While the owner, Bobby Cochran understands that he should have had a permit for the painting it is notable that he DID indeed apply for a permit the moment he realized he needed to do so. He was given permission of the store owner to put up the mural who also did not know you needed a permit to create art on a privately owned business. "I do apologize for not initially going through the proper channels for permitting as well as not being able to attend the appeal meeting. As a new business owner, these are things I am still learning around." -Bobby Cochran, Many Visions.
We are asking you, the people of Bismarck-Mandan or any of the surrounding areas to use your voice to help us stand up for what you believe in. We are asking you to allow people whom own their own private property to engage in art as long as it is not disrespectful, obscene, gang related, violent, sexual, drug related or in any shape or form offensive to the public eye. We thank you, the people for taking the time to read and thoughtfully consider allowing a new age taste in the community.

Quotes from a few of the artists themselves;

"The work I made on this concrete wall, a wall that before looked like an unfinished piece of construction, gave new life to the store and the stores around it. I found myself there in the rain and the cold, as I was bound and determined to be the change I wanted to see in the Mandan, where all walks of life are embraced. Please embrace our artwork the way we embrace our community, and we will all see that a little extra color is never a bad thing.

-Jaimie Privratsky"

"In a state so full of seasonal depression, the use of vibrant colors will increase the moods of our fellow patrons through the use of color therapy. Our art work being shown does not hold ties to our location, allowing us to create thought provoking messages that many other murals in our area have not attempted yet. The work we have created shows no ties to violence, gangs, religion, or use of illegal substances. It is located in an area where it will not create traffic distractions, and it does not support any form of anarchy or civil chaos. Where there is no violence there should be no reprimanding. With the passing times in the US, small civil liberties like this should not be abolished. Please let us keep the art we worked so hard to give you, our gift to the community.

-Paige Michal"

“The idea of a small mural in Mandan was conceived by like-minded art lovers that wanted nothing more than to bring some color to Mandan. To Bobby, art is his passion. He followed his dreams and opened Many Visions, a store dedicated to art, where you walk in and are awed by the beauty of all his products. Each piece of clothing a beautiful piece of art. Bobby, an art enthusiast, reached out to 4 of us artists to see if we could help him in bringing the beauty inside of his store to the outside, where anybody could enjoy it. To us artists, art is life. Among all the things that have come and gone in my life, art has been there since I could pick up a pencil. Creating art has lifted me out of depression, given me a purpose, and always made life more colorful. We artists put our heart and soul into our mural, to share with our community, hopefully spark creativity in others, and bring some color into their lives. To paint over it with some industrial white would be a huge disappointment to not only us, but the entire community. Please let us keep our mural. We will be sure to do it the right way in the future and run it by you guys first.
Sammy Obrigewitch”

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