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It is time politicians stopped playing games with our lives and making decisions that only increase the average Australians out of pocket expenses, without a payback being offered.

When inflation and interest rate rises are high, the inadequate consideration of alternate solutions by Government have escalated matters to a point where we, who are already suffering, are about to be hurt yet again by the early introduction to a Emissions Trading Scheme.

There are alternatives which can be implemented without significant cost to the taxpayer, and will give the average household significant savings as a result.

A solution which will reduce emissions far sooner than any Emission Trading Scheme could, is aimed at reducing the emissions at their source, and will show a repayment in financial terms to Australians for their efforts in ‘Greening Australia’.

To start, the Government will need to provide rebates and subsidies which are aimed at assisting all homeowners to convert their homes to solar energy. Through Government assistance at this early stage, we can generate anywhere up to 70% of the power required to run our homes without using the present carbon intensive measures.

The current cost of converting your homes energy to solar is not affordable for most and can cost between $20,000 to $30,000 and possibly more dependent on the size of the home and your energy needs. As Hot water production accounts for almost half of our electricity costs, even a change to Solar Hot Water systems can have a significant effect.

People do not own their home long enough to see the return on this type of outlay as the likely energy payback of a typical domestic sized rooftop grid connected solar conversion is approximately four years, so government assistance will be required to ensure conversions occur.

Our surplus can be used for this purpose through no or minimal interest loans available to all and could be repaid through individual tax increases over an agreed period of time, or recouped on the sale of the home, whichever is the sooner. With Government schools, Public Service buildings, factories etc similarly converted the cost saving can be astounding to both the environment and to the schools and organizations themselves.

It is my opinion the Carbon Emission reduction through the promotion of solar energy, will be far greater than anything the Government is currently planning, and will assist Australian households in not only becoming greener, but in easing the financial pressures on these families. And all this without the need for an Emission Trading Scheme which is due to increase the cost across the board of food, petrol and other items we have come to regard as essential. With the new clean coal soon to be available these remaining emissions will be addressed in the near future also. Only 9 % of our energy comes from renewable and non-greenhouse sources; the government hopes to increase this to 11% by 2010 (http://www.science.org.au/nova/054/054key.htm), however, this is far short of this proposal which further leads credence to this being the obvious course of action.

As a bonus to the above we would be implementing measures that will reduce costs in households for essential supplies. The Solar energy system is reported to result in a offset of approximately 105,203kgs of CO2 over a 30 year period from one residential house.
(Stats from http://www.solarcity.com/tabid/281/Default.aspx and http://www.urbanecology.org.au/topics/solarpanels.html)

If these figures are even close the reduction in CO2 is staggering and with up to a 70% reduction in your electrical bill, this is great for the environment and friendly to the family budget. As coal-fired electricity generating stations are said to be producing up to 50% of Australia Carbon Emissions at present a reduction of up to 70% demand for their supply and therefore reduce the amount of emissions at this source as a result of lessened production.

These measures would appear to achieve everything we needed to for the environment, for families, and for our future, and as the lucky country we have the climate to suit these changes. We would also be seen as a country with strong leadership, forward thinking Government and a active participant in cleaning up our planet. This would create a fresh approach, a far reaching one and a plan that other countries will be able to adopt with consideration to some changes to suit their climatic conditions. Not to mention the obvious benefit to a Government that has implemented a program, honoring their election promises, and providing long term relief to Australia for showing trust in them.

These ideas are based on the use of existing technology, the ability to implement these measures fairly immediately and with an eye on the larger picture for Australians in general. For this to work, the Government needs to make these loans available for all Australians to install solar power as it needs to ensure all Australians make these changes, the Government can ensure those that can afford it return the subsidies through their tax at a far greater rate than those that are on lower incomes. If these loans are means tested it will result in not having everyone making the change which will affect our ability to significantly reduce emissions.

This is a system that is workable and good for both Australia and Australians, and it is based on helping Australians financially while protecting our environment.

We, the undersigned of Australia, call upon the Federal Government to abolish the proposal for an Emission Trading Scheme and reduce Carbon Emissions in Australia through these recommendations for renewable energy which will benefit Australia while assisting Australian households.

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