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Leaders of ALL NATIONS, Federal, State, Provincial & Local Government, human rights groups.

Dog barking is one of the most common complaints raised to local governments and animal control. Dog barking can be totally devastating to individuals and families. On the spot monetary penalties are probably the most efficient method of controlling the neglect of duty many dog owners practice.

Dog related offences should be as simple as a parking ticket to police, but it is not the case. Onus of proof is often placed upon the victim. Requirements of multiple complainants does not confirm or deny the existence of a dog related issue. Diaries of dog offences further burden victims un-fairly. The assumption of there being another un-related issue does not either prove or disprove dog related offences are occurring and should not be even considered as a reason not to enforce the laws.

The number of barking complaints are indicative of an even greater problem with dog control around the world. dog biting and attacks to other animals and people occur daily, and killings by dogs of other animals and even more upsetting, of infants, children, the frail and elderly, and other people happens far too often. We need to introduce better dog laws that are enforced immediately and effectively now. This petition is in response to irresponsible dog owners causing mayhem all over the world. There are responsible dog owners about, but they are being let down by the laws and irresponsible people too.

Protect people for now and into the future, dogs must be kept in an acceptable fashion to all in our communities. The rights of people must be a priority over the offences dog owners are thrusting onto innocent people in our communities.

To the leaders of all nations, be it State, Provincial and local Governments, animal control officers and Human Rights groups globally. We the undersigned demand that the following items to be included into all of our laws in regards to dogs in our communities to ensure that individuals and families are protected from dog related offences be it noise, animal waste, annoyances, menacing, biting, attacking, and killing of any animal or person.

1. Licensing to any person BEFORE they can acquire a dog.
2. Mandatory jail terms for dog owners whose neglect of control of their dog results in a fatality of a person or the serious injury of a person to the extent that the injury causes a disability or severe scarring.
3. Heavy penalties where the neglect of a dog owner to control their dog results in the death of another animal or injury to a person or animal.
4. Child proof enclosures and appropriate shelters are provided for the dogs in the care of a licensed dog owner.
5. Education during licensing procedures ensure that the dog owners will fully understand the laws and the requirements of maintaining the health of their dog, protecting the community from injury caused by their dog, ensuring that their dog behaves in a manner that is acceptable to the community and does not interfere with the comfort and use of any other property.
6. Dog owners ensure their dogs will not bark noxiously to the point of disturbing the peace.
7. Will train their dogs to an acceptable standard, to be assessed annually by animal control personnel.
8. Make dogs to be only available from registered animal breeders or animal welfare agencies.
9. Only registered dog breeders can own dogs that are capable of reproducing.
10. Dog owners will always muzzle their dogs in public places and private properties that are not their own, unless that dog is in an approved dog enclosure.
11. Dog barking complaints are attended to immediately and no further inconvenience is requested of the complainant of the dog barking.
12. No regard must be held to the number of complainants of a dog barking offence, individuals and families must be protected from all dog related offences.
13. The existence of another un-related issue must not be given as reason by animal control or any other authorised body or person as to not enforce the laws regarding dog related offences.
14. Mediation is not effective and does not encourage law abidance of dog owners. Mediation only compromises law enforcement and is not an acceptable method of animal control.
15. Barking diaries should not be asked of complainants.
16. Animal control or authorized law enforcement must investigate all dog offence complaints and gather video evidence that must be accepted by the courts as evidence.
17. Apply three times and banned rule for repeat offences committed by a dog owner.
18. Dog breed and size matching during licensing procedures.
19. Dog owners must be over sixteen years of age.
20. No dog is to be out in public or private places without the dog owner being present and in control of the dog, except when the dog is on the dog owners own property.
21. Policing of dog laws must be enforced by animal control, authorized persons or the police at all times, every day of the year.
22. Twenty four hour dog pounds must be provided in every municipality, open every day of the year.

These laws will protect all people from offensive dog behaviour and dog attacks, they must be implemented NOW!

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