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There are approximately 36,278,332 Irish Americans living in the United States of America, estimated at 11.9% of the total population. This information was provided by US citizens who reported Irish ancestry in the 2008 American Community Survey conducted by the U.S. Census Bureau.

Eight Irish Americans signed the United States Declaration of Independence, and 22 American Presidents, from Andrew Jackson to Barack Obama, have been at least partly of Irish ancestry, this shows that the people of Ireland and people of the United States share a close bond and this bond should be celebrated with an introduction of the visa free system.

The current Visa Waiver Program is an ineffective solution for most Irish tourists as the program has restrictions of 90 days which is too short to meet family and friends who have emigrated and enjoy the beautiful country and all that it has to offer in relation to touring and travelling the 50 states.

We, the undersigned, call on the United States Congress consisting of the Senate and the House of Representatives to introduce a visa free system of travel between the Republic of Ireland and the United States of America to allow unrestricted travel of the people of Ireland for a period of 180 days without obtaining a non-immigrant visa similar to that enjoyed by the Citizens of the British Overseas Territories of Bermuda.

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