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NCAA Division I-A football is the only men's or women's sport in America for which no playoff system exists. The Bowl Championship Series attempts to create a championship game each year by having the top 2 teams from their polling system play against each other. This system has been controversial since it's inception and needs to address the issue at hand. An undisputed national champion can only be decided on the field of play through a playoff system as in every other sport.

We, the undersigned fans of NCAA football, are disgusted by the constant controversy surrounding the BCS and the BCS National Title Game. We want to see a playoff system instituted in NCAA Division I football that would include more than a fraternity of six conferences and one independent team. Historically, mid-major conferences have been ignored when it comes time to decide on a champion thus alienating millions of fans. A playoff system similar to that in NCAA basketball is what the fans want; yet we are continually ignored. Fan interest will continue to wane as controversy rages. We understand that the current contracts expire after the 2005-6 season, which gives you plenty of time to come up with a more acceptable system and to start transitioning toward it. Put the attention back on the field where it belongs!

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