#Local Government
Town of Winthrop
United States of America

July 30, 2006

Water pressure is extremely low on east end of street.

No available fire hydrant on east end of street.

Only existing catch basin is on high point on far east end of street.

The undersigned residents of Terrace Avenue, petition the Town of Winthrop to replace the water main in relevant parts of the street due to the condition of the water main. The water pressure at one end of the street is almost nonexistent.

In addition we would like to have installed an additional catch basin and a fire hydrant. Because the only existing catch basin is located at a high point at the east end of Terrace Avenue water pools on most of the street during the winter months and rainy seasons.

The only available fire hydrant is located at the west end of the street. The east end is very narrow and has cars parked on one side. If a fire were to occur access in a timely manner would be very difficult due to the proximity of the only available hydrant.

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