#Animal Rights
Auckland city council
New Zealand

Pitbulls are innocent, us as humans have treated these dogs like garbage over the past years. Yes, Pitbulls have attacked people and yes, people have been killed. But does that mean it is this breed of dogs fault? Are they to blame or are we the ones who have caused this aggressive habit in some. The community knows many dogs that have attacked. But the world does not know of the times where these great animals have helped, cared and protected humans. Please help me, a teenager in New Zealand, to make These awesome animals not considered a menacing breed. Even if you live in America or India or the UK or any other countries, please sign this as this may have a ripple effect to whatever countries you live in.

I, Braydon living in your country am asking you to make American pit bull terrier and other breeds like them including the English bull terrier and the staffordshire bull terrier classified as a non menacing dog. I have these people behind my back and want you to change this outrage. How would you feel if you were this breed of unfortunate dog. This is not fair for this breed to be treated like this just because of their past and present owners. Why should we do this to them when this is just like what was done to cultures in the past. If you want evidence I have evidence and I will not stop until you have taken the action to make these dogs non menacing. I am doing everything that I can and these people agree with what I am trying to do. I ask you in the best way possible but if facts are needed I will provide.

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