ExtraLives AB

We are two Turkish Popmundo Players living in Moldova Republic.
We are students and flatmates.
We live three guys in this house and share same static ip with three computers.
Two of us are Popmundo players.

Due to recent lightning occurences to people who share internet as well as us, we seized to fear and wanted to let you know we never use or share our accounts, everybody uses his own computer and never use two accounts in same computer.

You can watch the attached video as an evidence.

We want to have this situation known by your firm as your regular paying customers.

Building up charachters and spending real years on it and paying regularly and willingly and then seeing a cloud with a lightning without any fault against the rules is harsh.

We can't resist the fear of a lightning when we see recent fastgoing lightnings to players and want guarantee to our non-lightninged future as soon as we obey the rules.

Here you are the information about us,

Our static ip is :
Char 1 : id #110054 -
Çimen Yakın
Former Vice Mayor & Well Known Player

Char 2 : id# 239054 -
Fazıl Artun
Treasurer of Istanbul & Well Known Player

Video of our playing style

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