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The Band of Gypsys consisted of Jimi Hendrix, Buddy Miles, and Billy Cox. All three guys are phenomenal musicians, but together, they created a whole new genre of music. This hybrid of Blues, Rock, R&B, funk, and soul would be often imitated from the early 70's until our present day.

Groups such as Paliament-Funkadelic, Slave, Ohio Players, and even the legendary Isley Brothers with Ernie Isley would successfully merge rock with funk sensibilities, in order to bring new fans into the R&B and Rock fold. They all have the Band of Gypsys to thank. Not many groups inducted into the R&B hall of fame can say that they have set the template for decades of music.

The Jimi Hendrix Experience has already been inducted into the RRHOF. Inexplicably, they could have waited a few years so that Billy Cox could have been inducted as well. Buddy Miles has had a great career on his own with the Electric Flag, Buddy Miles Express, and his legendary pairing with Carlos Santana. All members of the BOG's have cut their teeth on the Chitlin Circuit.

The foundation for the BOG's is deeply rooted in the blues and R&B. Although Jimi is already inducted into the RRHOF, he should rightfully take his place among those R&B legends for creating a sound that bridged the worlds of R&B and Rock. This would be a great opportunity to tie up all loose ends and make so many things right.

Now is the time to induct the Band of Gypsys into the R&B Hall of Fame!

We the undersigned, call on the R&B HOF selection committee to induct the Band of Gypsys into the R&B Hall of Fame.

All three artists (Jimi Hendrix, Billy Cox, and Buddy Miles) are worthy of induction for other contributions to Rock, but collectively as a unit, they have had a tremendous influence on the history of R&B.

Even though their tenure was short, the magnitude of their music still reverberates through the ears, minds, hearts and souls of music performers and listeners all over the world.

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