House of Representatives

With the culture and history of the traditional custodians of Australia somewhat neglected since colinisation, it is now time to address this imbalance.

To the Honourable Speaker and Members of the House of Representatives

This petition, as supported by various residents of Australia, is designed with two primary aims: firstly, to bridge the gap between non-Indigenous cultural perceptions of Aboriginal peoples and the cultural realities of Indigenous Australians; secondly, to allow the traditional custodians of this land to be justly represented both historically and culturally within the learning experience of every Australian child.

To achieve this we dutifully request that the House of Representatives legislate to include Indigenous Studies as part of every primary, secondary and tertiary school's curriculum. We believe this to be a vital cornerstone to the government’s proposed "Education Revolution".

In regards to all curriculum initiatives we request that the Australian Government consult with and seek guidance from Indigenous Elders and community members alike, from all urban, regional and rural groups. This process will determine a due and just development of a curriculum designed to promote a reciprocal relationship between students and their natural surroundings, as well as an awareness of the relationships that unite this nation. This initiative is also designed to develop a localised curriculum specific within all geographical locations.

Together let us embrace the proud, rich and vibrant culture of this land, through acknowledging the relationship between past and present, therefore fostering a future built on mutual respect and understanding of our natural interconnectedness.

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