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Nettie Luckett has always deeply cared for her family, having three sons, two daughters, numerous grandchildren, and great grandchildren.

She has always been a law-abiding citizen for over 75 years. She never caused any problems with neighbors, and kept to herself. Neighbors that interacted with her say she was kind and always cared about the children.

Neighbors would often see her tending to her yard, cutting grass, and planting flowers. She was a responsible home-owner and kept her yard clean and presentable. She encouraged neighborhood improvement.

That all changed on August 26, 2011. She now resides at Indianapolis Womens Prison for manslaughter for shooting and killing her son-in-law.

There has been great speculation and curiosity about this case. Many draw their own conclusions. She has never spoken about the specifics of her case. She just quietly accepted the consequences.

Although rumors circulated regarding her death, she is not deceased. Now at age 83, she has tried to adjust to the inside as best she can. She is a model prisoner and leads by example. There aren’t any negative reports regarding her behavior. According to the guards at the prison, she is a hard worker, pleasant to be around, never causes any trouble, and very respectful. Family members coming in contact with guards receive positive comments and never hear any negativity. She stays active and has participated in many programs and has been awarded certificates, including suicide companion, locks of love for cancer, parenting classes, employee of the month, change of commitment to be a better person, and is one of a limited number of inmates chosen to participate in the Kairos retreat, which teaches women how to be caring through extensive discussions of the women of bible.

Letters pour in from inmates. They express their deep feelings for her. They all call her granny. Many seek guidance from her and they write that it helps them stay on the right path and stay committed to rehabilitation. They express how she has had a positive affect on their lives. The inmates that write all agree that she should not been in prison at her age and in her condition.

The inmates, like many on the outside, want to bring her home to spend the remainder of her life with her family.

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We, the undersigned, call on the courts to review Nettie Luckett's case and allow a change of sentence.

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