Mia mottley

In these hard times where everything is going up except salaries and hours of employment the minimum wage in this island is preposterous and shocking. With covid 19 pandemic sweeping through the nation and the world at large frontline workers are being asked to risk their lives every day and not being payed hazard pay . These two issues are very serious and need to be dealt with immediately! The cost of living in the country is high and minimum wage is not nearly enough especially now with hours being shattered by covid 19.
Sign this petition to make sure the people of barbados can have a say in both the increase of minimum wage to 12 barbados dollars an hour and also for the frontline workers who go out every day to keep the country safe are given their fair due.
"Be for the people as you are of the people elected by the people "

Minimum wage increase and Hazard pay for frontline workers !!!

We the undersigned demand the increase of minimum wage in barbados To 12 dollars an hour and That all front line workers be payed hazzard pay

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The INCREASE MINIMUM WAGE TO 12 BARBADOS DOLLARS AND PROVIDE HAZARD PAY FOR FRONTLINE WORKERS IMMEDIATELY!! petition to Mia mottley was written by Tanukeuno Ro and is in the category Employment at GoPetition.