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Government and relevant authorities

Dear Friends,

The puppy mill industry in Singapore is currently not well regulated and enforced. Most of the dogs in these dog farms do not receive proper care and are kept in very appalling and inhumane conditions, including being confined in small cages, some too small for them to even turn around. Many of the dogs live amidst their excrement and are severely malnourished and sickly as they are rarely vaccinated and not given adequate nutrition and healthcare.

We wish to protect these dogs from such cruelty and unnecessary suffering by urging the government and relevant authorities to step up and close the gaps in legislation and enforcement. We seek improved legislation and regulation via implementation of clear and enforceable best practices for the industry as well as effective enforcement of these regulations.

We want to urge the authorities to collaborate with existing animal welfare organisations to review current puppy mill regulations. With your support and signatures, we can win the hearts and mind of the authorities to undertake the necessary and critical steps to close the present loopholes and create a cruelty-free and responsible industry.

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To read our petition in full, please visit http://zeuscommunications.blogspot.com/2010/08/end-abuse-and-ill-treatment-of-dogs-in.html

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For breeding farm rescues by Dog Mill Rehomers, please visit http://dogmilllrehomers.blogspot.com/

We do not expect the authorities to shut down breeding farms, but we DO WANT the relevant authorities to have tighter breeding regulations, as well as make these rules available to the public.

These breeding dogs should not be abused and neglected in breeding farms and should be provided ample kennel space, proper food and nutrition, as well as medical care and attention.

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