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This is a petition to show interest in development and change for Chichester Skatepark for its current and future users.

The Chichester Skatepark is in drastic need of improvement to be able to cater for the sheer quantity and level of it's current users. Currently the skatepark is dated, seldom maintained, and poorly constructed.

In comparison to council funded skateparks in the local area and nationwide, the Chichester Skatepark is seriously in need of change.

Improvements to the skatepark will mean:
- Current and future park users will be able to reach a higher skill level and be more likely to progress further in the industry.
- The park will bring in revenue to the city's tourism trade as more people will want to travel to use it.
- More children/youths participating in fun sports which means a healthier population.
- Fewer people resorting to street riding which means fewer complaints to the council.
- A skatepark that Chichester can be proud of and that it's users enjoy!

We are aiming to work very closely with the council to change the park for the better.

To do this, we need your support.

Thank You

We, the undersigned, call on the West Sussex County Council to improve the Chichester Skatepark.

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