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All Canandians

-->Its access is very regulated and information obtained may only be used during investigation of crimes where there are reasonable grounds to suspect that they are of a sexual nature.

-->THIS means the registry cannot be used if they have not committed the crime. Exmp.) A man tries to persuade a young girl to his car. **Using the girl's description of the man and location of the incident, police cannot access the registry to match potential previous offenders that exist in that area, or match the physical description.**

-->THIS means the crime has to be committed FIRST, which does nothing to PREVENT sexual assaults

-->Canada has dangerous offender legislation, which allows for indefinite jail terms

-->Finally, there is no harmonized standards in which all provinces abide by, it is basically every province giving privilege, and reinforcing the system based on how they deem necessary.

-->We, the undersigned petition the federal government to improve the existing National Sex Offender Registry, so that it will result in better protection of children, women and our communities from sex offenders.

--> A letter will be written to the Minister of Public Safety, and will include a copy of this petition.

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