#Law Reform
United States Congress

It has come to the point in this country that, every time you turn around, you here somone say "I'm going to sue" or "You can probably sue them for that" or some other similar comment. We have become a society where people "look" for anything that they caould sue someone for, and probably win.

Sueing because you spilled your coffee, or because you can smell someones cigarette, or because the neighbors kid bothers you when they play basketball in the driveway. These are absolutely ridiculous reasons for anyone to be able to sue in court. These types of lawsuits are making a mockery of our judicial system, and quite often, are awarding people for their own negligence.

It is time to make people grow up and take responsibility for their own actions rather than imposing that responsibility on others.

We, the undersigned, Petition the Congress of the United States, to enact legislation to impose a $25,000 fine against anyone who files a frivolous lawsuit.

A frivolous lawsuit would be defined as any lawsuit that is filed without documented proof of a loss or verifyable medical impairment that has directly resulted from the actions or proper use of products of someone else. Any losses or injuries resulting from an individuals own actions, shall be deemed as frivolous and that individual shall be fined $25,000.

Furthermore, any attorney who files a lawsuit that is determined to be frivolous, shall be fined $5000 per incident and shall be held further responsible by imposing a maximum limit of filing 3 (three) frivolous lawsuits in any given 12 month period. Any attorney that exceeds that maximum shall lose their practicing privileges for the next 12 months.

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