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Victorian State Government

Too many live music venues are being shut down or having massive noise restrictions put on them all over the Brunswick St/Fitzroy area. Similar issues are occurring all over the city, however, the problem isn't just the music but drunkards leaving the venues after the music has finished too.

Way back in 2003 the Live Music Taskforce went to a lot of effort to put together a set of recommendations based around the concept of 'the agent of change.' The idea is that if the venue was there first then it is the developer's job to take sound proofing measures, if the residents were there first and a venue decides to have live music or if a new venue springs up it is the venues responsibility. Makes sense.

This report also outlines ways in which venues and residential buildings can minimise sound coming in and going out. The report was accepted by Mary Delahunty, the minister for Arts at the time, and a commitment made by the State Government to implement these recommendations. This was promptly forgotten about as soon as Mary Delahunty left.

Sign this online petition to help put pressure where it is needed to resurrect these recommendations and preserve the unique live music scene in Fitzroy and The City of Melbourne in general!

We, the undersigned, ask the State Government of Victoria to honour Mary Delhunty's commitment in 2004 to implement all recommendations made by the Live Music Taskforce based around the notion of 'agent of change' and produce an adequate Planning Practice note to ensure the standards associated with the agent of change are applied properly by planners in a location-specific, preventative way.

Implementing these recommendations will go part of the way to protect the unique and valuable live music scene in Melbourne.

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