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I have started this petition to start a movement to change the format used to select the teams that play for the national championship at the end of the year.

The Bowl Championship Series (BCS) selects the teams that will play for the national championship by using a calculated method that takes into account three polls comprised of many different voters.

When all is said and done, two teams are rewarded while many deserving teams are denied entry to play for the title based on who happens to be voted higher by which person is voting.

I have already created a well-planned, thoroughly thought out substitution to the current format. However, that alone will not get the attention of the BCS committee.

If you are a college football fan, and you agree that a playoff needs to be implemented, please sign this petition. I believe that with enough signatures and a good follow-up plan, we can get the committee to at least consider ratifying the current system.

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