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Impeachment of Governor or Lieutenant Governor. The Legislature may provide by law, not inconsistent with Section 26 of Article III of this Constitution, for the impeachment of the Governor and Lieutenant Governor.

Governor to take care that laws are faithfully executed. He shall take care that the Laws are faithfully executed.

The Governor of Maryland has violated the Law and his Oath of office knowingly discarding fraud that had taken place under the Federal Whistle Blower Act, see below.

Paulette Faulkner, a former child support specialist with the Montgomery County Child Support Enforcement Program, knows all about that generosity. In 2009, she wrote O'Malley a letter complaining of rampant fraud in Maryland's Medicaid, food stamp and welfare programs.

Faulkner's job was to verify applicants' eligibility for these federally funded benefits. "If they did not have a Social Security card, birth certificate, voter registration card, or photo ID, I would have to deny them," she said.

But Faulkner's supervisor soon ordered her to approve them anyway, even though she would be putting herself in legal jeopardy by doing so.

"The whole situation was discriminatory," she told me in an interview. "People were not being treated the same way. I was in my right to turn them down. That was never disputed. They told me, 'You're a person of color. You should be more sympathetic.' Did they think that just because I was black, I'm not supposed to do the right thing? I was insulted."

Faulkner turned to O'Malley's office for help: "Am I aiding and abetting illegal activity? Shouldn't I be reporting these people to ICE or immigration? I am really concerned because I am a candidate for the Central Democratic Committee ... and I want to make sure that I am following the law."

The OIG was soon sent in -- to investigate Faulkner, who was fired in 2010 for posting her office phone number on her private campaign website. "It was really about my going to the governor's office to complain about the fraud," said the Laurel resident. "My co-workers were livid, and tried to speak up on my behalf, but they were afraid. Nobody from the state ever interviewed them. And all I ever got was a response that they had my complaint and would look into it." A call to O'Malley's office was not returned.

We The People of Maryland and the United States call upon the Impeachment of the Governor of Maryland for failing to investigate Fraud that took place under his Administration and when he was told about it, the State Worker was fired.

She was supposed to be protected under the Whistle Blower Act. Please sign the petition as investigations are about to start.

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