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George W. Bush has led America to one of it's most corrupt periods in history. In his first term, he has already sent us to war, to supposedly get Nueclear Weapons out of a Iraq, but there are no Nuclear Weapons, and more and more of our troops die everyday. He has cut taxes on the rich, causing higher taxes on the middle class and the poor. He has promoted destruction of our enviornment, has been prejudice towards gays and non-christians, lowered Defense Capita in states that need more defense, and caused what is beggining to become the fall of America. He is one of the most corrupt presidents in American history and we need him out of office, now!

We, the undersigned, would like the senate to take into consideration that Bush has done nearly everything wrong. His reign as president has been highly corrupt, and we don't want him as our president anymore! (Note, foreigners are allowed to sign too).

We, the undersigned, wish to get George W. Bush OUT of office!

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