Common people, the citizens of the world

Let's stop sleeping on the fact that the Black Liberation Army was for self-preservation who were severely persecuted for wanting to stay alive; so naturally the army served as a defence against already violently harsh USA government. Is it a coincidence that the government is all White males and that the USA political (Black race liberation) fighters are called criminals, when all they tried to do is protect themselves from being exterminated. Let's wake up and fight for what's right. The fight is very much still relevant if not as before, because Blacks are suffering not only racism, gentrification, but violent attacks from the government that encourages these inhumane trends.
There are thousands of Black prisoners imprisoned unfairly, without a trial (e.g. Little Henry), or tried as adults when they were in fact underaged (e.g. Cyntoia Brown), unfair sentencing compared to white counterparts (Texas high school shooter's arrest and trial for example), or did we forget that Sandra Bland was murdered in prison due to having tail lights out, and we learnt on the news that she hung herself with a plastic bag?!
This is a painfully obvious occurrence that we as a global community cannot ignore for much longer. Justice as we see it today, is not just.

We, the undersigned, call on the USA Government as a whole to address Black American imprisonment history. We do not attempt to cover slavery on this petition. However, this part should be kept in the foreground as foundation and guarantee that following petitions will cover all atrocities done to the Black race by specifically UK and USA continued oppression of this race.
To start, we, the citizens of the world, demand retrial of Mutulu Shakur in light of the unfair circumstances imposed on his inherent fights for freedom in joining the Black Panthers Party. In light of the fact that this party was destroyed by the FBI and the CIA, but the KKK are still active and are members of police force (their violent attacks only attest to their said membership).
As Black Panthers' party's member, Dr. Mutulu Shakur only serves as an example of how one race under a historically unceasing white attack attempted to non-violently per se, but actively enough to fight to survive (including mental freedom of Black youth).
21st Century mind does not allow to watch the world degrade one race over another.
Please sign the petition and share for others to sign. We are the voice. We are the people to protect us from evil. We can free our freedom fighters.

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